Running NextJS outside Vercel is actually awesome

December 22nd, 2022

This article is a work-in-progress.

I like to write down all my ideas as "drafts" and slowly improve them over time. Things written here may not be well organized or accurate at the moment. Beware!!

There’s this unsaid connection I’ve seen people derive

NextJS == Vercel == Serverless

When it comes to deploying NextJS based apps, Vercel is assumed to be the best way to go by most developers. But that’s not a requirement from NextJS, it could run standalone on traditional “serverful” servers outside Vercel just fine. And today I want to tell you that it’s actually a LOT better.

Vercel is great, but it has issues

  • Fundamental issues
  • Vercel issues

custom server gives sooo much more control and features

Its just not the full picture for building app, You will have to hunt other services for these

Some more issues people have faced:

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